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  • Location
    NV, Crystal Bay
  • Area
    5,622 SF
  • Architect
    DEI Engineers


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About Project

What started as a simple remodel quickly expanded after the clients met the team and felt invigorated about the potential of this Lake Tahoe home. The entire 4,750-square-foot residence was gutted, expanded and decorated. The home has been transformed into a stunning 5,622-square-foot lake house with breathtaking views from the large picture windows and the 880-square-foot deck that overlooks Crystal Bay east of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The existing home was wood-framed. In order to accommodate increased lateral shear loads, the design team added two full-height moment steel frames. They then mobilized a crane to lift these frames into place while still protecting the existing exterior structural walls and ceiling. Throughout the house, there are 33 full-sized granite slabs. The largest is a single slab measuring 11-feet by 6.5-feet installed in the spacious master bath. All the upper level ceilings are clad in reclaimed old-growth hardwood with materials milled and sandblasted prior to delivery and then finished in place after installation. In order to comply with strict Lake Tahoe regulatory requirements, the room addition was designed to cantilever over the ground below. The project, at high elevation and at the end of a narrow street, required tight site access and special care working around the neighbors, located in close proximity.

The team carefully followed noise control regulations and maintained proper storage and parking near the site. Attention to detail and craftsmanship were central in every step taken from planning to implementation. The quality and dedication is visible in every aspect of this dream lake house. Together, our team helped the designer and client make their vision and dream a reality.

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