Promotion – Erica Thomas
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13 Jul 2021

Promotion – Erica Thomas

We’ve promoted Erica Thomas to Office Manager

Erica Thomas is the central nervous system of Plenium Builders. As part of the leadership team, she deftly manages the day-to-day support of a busy staff of over 65 people in addition to project administration for all custom home projects. From the big needs like human resources, billing, and payroll to the licenses, mail, and office supplies, Erica approaches her work with a blend of no-nonsense attitude and empathy—she gets things done efficiently and always advocates for her coworkers’ best interests. She takes the work seriously, but she can’t hide her excellent sense of humor. For over 8 years, Erica has helped keep things moving forward at Plenium Builders and we are pleased to promote her to Office Manager. Congratulations!