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Whether you are creating a custom residence or designing a new office building, Plenium Builders has the most effective planning and pre-construction tools to guide your project through all stages of the design and construction. Think of this as a menu that can be customized around the particulars of your project. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Conceptual Estimate
Plenium Builders prepares a detailed conceptual estimate from basic information like square footage, number of stories, systems, finish types and building site characteristics. This important tool gives you the power to prioritize where your budget will have the most impact to best accomplish your design goals.
Budget Management
As your project’s design progresses, you will get regular estimate updates in parallel with your designer’s progress milestones. This includes variance reports to compare changes to the previous estimate and one-on-one support to walk you through the information. You will be well informed about where your budget dollars are being applied on your project.
Value Analysis
Our team of experienced field managers and estimators work together with the designers to seek out alternative ways to achieve a similar function or aesthetic at a lower cost. We also suggest ways to reduce life-cycle and operational costs by altering material, equipment or installation quality to save you money.
Virtual Construction
Plenium Builders’ estimators and managers can use your design team’s building information model (BIM) for quantity surveys, scheduling and “clash” detection. These techniques reduce estimating time, increase coordination accuracy, uncover installation sequencing issues and significantly reduce potential field changes during the construction phase.
Sustainable Building
During preconstruction, Plenium Builders will help you plan for your sustainability goals by providing input on system strategies that reduce future operating costs and utilize renewable resources. We have knowledgeable experts and LEED® accredited professionals on hand to work with you during construction to achieve green project certification.
Permit Support
Our relationships and reputation with jurisdictional authorities – including local city and county planning staff members, utility agency representatives, environmental review boards and more – help your entire project team to build consensus for innovative construction strategies, develop plan-review phasing, and facilitate environmental approvals, permitting, inspections and sign-offs.
Site Investigation
Personal review gives our estimators, managers and superintendents information about actual conditions, traffic patterns, noise constraints, obstructions, utility connections and activity that may impact cost, schedule and site access. We will prepare a conceptual logistical plan to give the team an understanding of your project’s operational constraints during the design phase.
We work alongside your designers to supplement their knowledge of building methods with our own field experience while your project’s design is still in development. This allows the team to make adjustments before the work starts which can significantly increase coordination accuracy, reduce costs and mitigate schedule and safety risks on your project.
Schedule Planning
Plenium Builders uses critical-path-method (CPM) schedule techniques and the latest, industry-leading software, Primavera, to effectively plan and lead your project. Our approach to project management is schedule-driven and focused on fulfilling our commitments on a granular level to move you in on time.
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
We can provide life-cycle cost analysis to analyze long-term operational budget impacts vs. initial capital investments. Whether you want to analyze the whole project or just certain aspects, like major equipment, systems or materials, Plenium Builders’ estimating team can evaluate the best option to align with your budget priorities.

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