As a team, we prepare, plan and put into practice safety measures, protocols and controls to ensure every individual on and nearby the construction site is protected from harm. We take extra care to ensure that our clients’ properties are protected from damage. Furthermore, we look after each other. The safety of our clients, colleagues, our neighbors and the general public is our top priority.


We are
knowledgeable about safety.
We study industry issues and develop new internal initiatives along with best practices to promote vigilance. All employees receive ongoing and task-specific safety training from our corporate safety leaders to heighten their awareness and enhance communication about potential hazards.


We think
Before each project, we review site conditions and identify potential hazards. We review pre-task protocols, prepare a site-specific hazard communication plan and create a detailed logistics study outlining personnel safety, traffic patterns and site security controls. We plan ahead to safely manage people, materials and equipment through each stage of your project.


We make
When it’s time to construct your project, we put our safety knowledge and planning into action. Every day at every project site starts with a team safety talk to reinvigorate our own awareness of the inherent dangers in the work we and our subcontractor colleagues perform. Every project team coordination meeting begins with a safety report to keep safety top of mind.
Activities designated as high-risk are given extra attention as we follow-through on the planned measures outlined in our pre-task checklists. The superintendent reviews the project continually during the shift and receives regular safety assessments of the site from our firm’s corporate safety department and leaders.

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